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About us - Robello


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    2. Profile

      A professional wall-hung gas boiler manufacturer, Robello (Shanghai) Thermal Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the international economic center of China Shanghai. It is a modern and high ¨C technology enterprise covering an area of 25,340㎡, with workshop 5,000㎡ and warehouse 3,600㎡. Our company introduced a full set of original production line from Italy, Inspection equipment and testing device. We produce more than 30 various types of gas boilers from 16kw to 40kw and floor standing boilers from tens of kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts. All boilers are stable, safe, reliable, high efficiency, eco-friendly, which can meet different heating requirements with perfect after-sales service. Olical wall-mounted gas boiler has been produced and sold in China since 2001. Now our boilers are well received in Russia ,Ukraine , Azerbaijan£?and dozens of European and American countries. During the 9 years of production and sales, we receive good feedback and win the market. With the development of domestic gas network and urban construction in 2009, we will introduce the warmth and comfort to the domestic market, and continuously bring consumers to enjoy a more comfortable life. With the technology gained from years experience in research and development, combined with the Italian product structure and function, we produce boilers with superior quality and advanced technology. We are certified by ISO9001, ISO 14001 and EU CE standards.
      Since its foundation the company has been the customer first, the pursuit of perfection, continuous innovation , meet the customer's heating, for the purpose of environmental protection . We are willing to cooperate with you hand in hand sincerely ,to contribute to the global environmental protection and warmth of people?ˉs lives .
      Customer satisfaction and innovation are the ultimate goal we in pursuit. We are devoted to supply you the most reliable, comfortable products and best services. We remain open to any business opportunities with customers from all over the world.

      Our Tenet

      Our hope

      Your suggestions is the best solution to develop our company.
      Your acknowledge is the greatest happiness of us.
      Your favorable comments is our target.

      Our ethics

      Honest: honest is basic
      Quality: quality is first
      Peace: peace create fortune
      Talent: Talents build up the enterprise

      Our business rules

      Cooperate only with honest
      Two win only with cooperation
      United only with Two win
      Innovation only with United
      High efficiency only with innovation

      Our life proverb

      Keep calm when something special
      Develop with steady

      Our Vision

      Customer first, make it perfect

      Provide the suitable products with high technology, unique design and environment protect, energy-saving skills, according to customers?ˉ requirement.

      Continuous innovation, qualified production

      We will take excellent management and technique into the production, get the qualified and high performance product, and guarantee the profit of customer.

      Modulation design

      Improve the quality of product from design, parts and drawing paper, make the process reasonable and high efficiency.

      Energy-saving, home service

      We will make it conformity with principal of energy saving and environmental protect, different area, different service.